2013 Casalingo Sangiovese, Grenache, Shiraz

Price (): $45.00

Alcohol: 14.5%
Casalingo: Wholesome, old style, home made


Grown without chemicals by Dominic Versace
with minimal intervention and maximum love;
aged in good seasoned oak


- hand made
- ancient Italian style
- deep loamy soil
- minimal irrigation
- very low yields
- clean natural winemaking
- sulphur dioxide added
- barrel maturation
- matured in French and American oak


- vibrantly fresh
- more stylishly Italian
- lower, more elegent alcohol
- Sangiovese dominates nicely
- feathers and dry meaodw blossoms
- lovely sweet berries
- rasberry, strawberry, musk
- alluring confectionery hints
- viscous juicy alive
- beautiful finesse and poise
- dry feathery tannins

Drink with

Juicy meats: duck, pigeon, quail, veal, steak, venison, goat, lamb, beef, hearty pasta with olives, cassouler, confit

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