2015 Ruspantino Sangiovese

Price (): $45.00

Alcohol: 15%
Ruspantino: Free range rooster
Sangiovese: Most planted red grape in Italy


Grown without chemicals by Dominic Versace Wines


- ancient Italian style
- deep loamy soil
- minimal irrigation
- very low yields
- clean natural winemaking
- sulphur dioxide added
- barrel maturation
- matured in French and American oak
- seasoned barrels
- serve cool 16-18C


- cheeky maraschino cherries
- wild hedgerow berries
- elegant but intense
- easy slippery structure
- nutty velvet tannins
- juicy slurpy dry
- appetising yet satisfying
- screw cap closure

Drink with

Mediterranean, Asian, Oriental and Modern Australian cousin

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