The origins of Dominic Versace wines date back to 1950 when Carmine Versace migrated from Italy to Australia. His wife Teresa, son Dominic, and two daughters Lina and Maria followed.

Carmine’s experience and vineyard knowledge ensured his immediate employment at Wynns Wineries in Coonawarra. Over time this tradition and culture was passed onto Dominic Versace and his wife Maria, who then purchased a vineyard in picturesque Tanunda. In 1970, Armando Verdiglione joined the Dominic Versace wine making tradition when he married Dominic’s sister Maria.

In 1980 Dominic and his wife purchased 14 acres of fertile land at Heaslip Road, MacDonald Park, on the Adelaide Plains. He planted Shiraz, Grenache and Sangiovese, free from all artificial chemicals, and successfully established a ‘state of the art’ vineyard producing high quality grape varieties supplied to reputable wineries such as Primo Estate.

In 1990, Armando was one of the pioneers in making the first successful commercial wines on Kangaroo Island under the name of Kangaroo Island Trading Company.
Following on from this success, Armando and Dominic combined forces to create their own family brand, resulting in the birth of Dominic Versace Wines in 2000.

With an extensive family history and tradition in vineyard and grape production, the Versace mission is to produce a natural, rich quality of wine to be shared and enjoyed in life amongst family and friends.

During this period the Italian tradition of making wine continued for family consumption. The Dominic Versace Vineyard is free of artificial spray and free of artificial fertiliser.