Outside of the Office

Verdiglione’s passion for wine began in Italy, where as a boy he would help his grandfather make olive oil and run a small winery.

Migrating to Australia in 1963, Verdiglione continued to produce wine for personal use but it wasn’t until 1990 that he sold his first wines, from grapes grown on Kangaroo Island.


Ten years later he joined forces with his brother in-law, Dominic Versace, and together they developed their own brand, based on the Adelaide Plains.

Verdiglione says their wines adhere to Italian tradition, using Sangiovese fruit and open tanks for a unique bouquet.

He says his work at Dominic Versace Wines is a release from his responsibilities as an AR for FIA Brokers, and a way for him to relax.

“The insurance industry is very intense and you have to think all the time, while the wine industry gives a broader look on life,” he says. “You are at the cellar door amongst the vines, you have a chat with friends, share a barbecue and a glass of wine and talk about life in general.”

Verdiglione is heavily involved throughout the wine-making process, present during maturation, fermentation and pumping, as well as helping choose which batches to release. “It’s all about passion. I work because I enjoy what I do,” he says. “Seven days a week, who cares. I enjoy it.”

Despite the demands from wine-making and insurance, Verdiglione says both fit seamlessly into his life. “If there is an urgent matter or I have to attend to a claim, that comes first.”

In Verdiglione’s opinion the roles complement each other, with each requiring the use of skills such as promotion, sales and customer relations.

Having an interest outside of daily work activities is something that Verdiglione says is important for all brokers.

“By being mentally and physically occupied at all times you live longer and maintain a healthy life and mental attitude,” he says.

Aged 68, Verdiglione says he has another 20 years in him. “This is my passion. This is what I live for, so why would I want to retire?”

Dominic Versace is offering brokers a 25% discount on wine orders. Visit dominic versace.com.au